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    Virtual reality games are getting a lot of attention these days, especially from young gamers. 

    However, since VR is still a new technology, you might not know what it has to offer, where to start and what you can do with VR games. 

    To help you out, we will answer some frequently asked questions about VR games to give you a better idea of this technology. 

    If you’re a complete novice, we suggest you start with understanding what VR actually is and its applications. You can read all about it in our post here.

    Quick Summary 

    In this post, we will go over: 

    • What are virtual reality games?
    • Different types of VR games
    • What technology do VR games use?

    So, without further ado, let’s get started.

    What are Virtual Reality Games?

    Virtual reality games or VR gaming is a classification of new generation computer games that use VR technology to give you a truly immersive and first-person perspective of the game.

    Apart from the virtual environment, what sets VR gaming apart from regular gaming is that you both experience and influence the game environment through VR devices such as VR headsets, hand controllers, and other accessories

    What can you play VR games on?

    Well, they can be played on tethered VR headsets by connecting them to specialized gaming consoles, advanced laptops, and PC. For example, to play on PSVR, you need to have a PS4 or PS5. 

    There are also standalone headsets available. With these headsets, you won’t need external equipment to run games on. One of our favorite standalone headsets is the Oculus Quest. You can read more about Oculus here

    VR games

    Different Types of VR Games

    Similar to any other games, VR games also have different types such as solo, multiplayer, and online. 

    Some VR games you play will place you in physical combat environments while others are less challenging pursuits like racing and playing. 

    There are also games that require you to solve puzzles, move objects and explore spaces. If you’ve never been in a virtual space and are curious about the experience, we suggest you read our post here

    Furthermore, you can categorize VR games based on the type of computing device they’re played on. 

    Such as:

    • VR games on PCs and laptops 
    • VR games on consoles 
    • VR games on smartphones 

    What Technology Do VR Games Use?

    As you can imagine, different technologies and software are used to make VR games possible. 

    Have you ever wondered how you can walk about in the virtual world as things change around you like in the real world? 

    This is due to a VR technology called Free Roam. It lets you wander in vertical space without controllers and track your body movements and position. 

    Out of all VR games, arcade games are the most popular among VR users. These games are possible due to Mirage VR Mississauga. It allows companies to produce new games and brings incredible VR experiences to you. 


    Now that you know the general information about VR games, you might be wondering what games to play? 

    Well, that depends on your choice of VR headset and personal preference. You can find thousands of VR games on Google. However, it’s not possible to try them all to find the best one. 

    Therefore, we suggest you read game reviews to narrow down your choices. Some of our favorite games on VR are Beat Saber, Arizona Sunshine and I Expect You to Die 2. 

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