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    We’re a Technology Social Venture (TSV) striving to create a positive impact through technology. 

    Our team believes in the importance of technology and the impact it has on our daily lives. 

    Therefore we aim to create awareness about different devices through extensive reporting, product reviews, and in-depth articles.

    While providing information and recommendations, our experts consider different factors such as your requirements, needs, and budget to help you the best we can. 

    Our goal is simple, to develop a world that is free from all problems and integrate life with technology for a positive impact.

    The world of technology has never been more exciting. 

    However, it can be confusing for a beginner to know where to start. Techtyche takes center stage in the tech industry to help keep up with emerging technologies and create a positive impact. 

    Our team is an expert in all the latest technology. But, we will not baffle you with technical terms. 

    Similar to an advisor or a friend, we will provide you with clear and unbiased advice as well as tips and tricks pulled from our extensive research and testing. 

    This way, we hope to help you make better choices when it comes to technology.

    Here you will find everything you need to know about:

      • Speakers
      • Gaming 
      • Virtual Reality
      • Laptops 
      • Technology

    …and much more. 


    Speaker Reviews 

    The importance of quality speakers is crucial to all types of media entertainment whether it be gaming or movies. 

    But, how do you choose the best one, especially with so many options in the market?

    In this section, you will find in-depth reviews of speakers such as Bose 151 as well as tips and FAQs.

    Speaker Guides – Tutorials 

    We wrote this section for you in case you have trouble setting up the speakers. 

    Here, you will find basic guides suitable for beginners. 

    We highlighted everything from how to connect your speakers to which one is better suited to your needs.  

    Speaker Sound

    Everything you need to know about speaker sound is in this section. 

    We highlighted distorted, echoey, static, and scratchy sounds.

    Moreover, you will also find answers to questions such as why speakers produce sounds, how to amplify sound, and much more.  


    Gaming Reviews 

    Gaming reviews are extremely helpful since they provide you with a gist of what the game entails. 

    We wrote these in-depth reviews after thoroughly testing the game so you don’t waste money on something you won’t enjoy.

    You will find reviews on everything from horror, sports, action-adventure games, and more. 

    Gaming Guides 

    As a new gamer, you might have a thousand questions in your head. 

    So, if you are confused about what accessories to get to enhance your gaming experience or simply can’t decide which game to get, this section is for you. Gaming tips are also mentioned here. 


    If you’re interested in playing video games over a live-streamed connection, you need a gaming cloud. 

    But, what exactly is it and how does it work?

    In this section, you will find everything you need to know about the gaming cloud. We also highlighted the most popular gaming clouds, free gaming cloud services, and more. 


    If you want information about Xbox, we suggest you go through this section of the website. 

    After thorough research, we have compiled all the best headsets, accessories, games, and more so you can take full advantage of your Xbox.  


    Finding the right accessories can be a tedious task. This section will help you save time. 

    Here you will not only find the pick of the litter, but we will also tell you the best shops, brands, and websites you can purchase them from. 


    If you’re a first time VR user, it’s important to know which type of VR headset will work best for you. 

    In the section, we have reviewed different VR headsets, including Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PSVR, and more.


    Did you know you can also game on your mobile and replicate the same experience as a gaming console?

    But, to do this, you need some add-ons on your mobile. 

    Here, we highlighted all the best gaming mobiles, controllers, accessories, prices, and much more. 


    Everything you need to know about gaming laptops is in this category. 

    We conducted detailed testing to find out the best gaming laptops, prices, and controllers

    We also listed which games you can run on gaming laptops, whether it’s worth it to buy them, and more. 

    Gaming Apps 

    There are thousands of gaming apps on the internet. It would be impossible for you to go through all of them to find the best one. 

    To help you out, our team has done the legwork for you. 

    Here you will find information about paid apps, free apps, where you can download them, and so on. 


    As a beginner, you might be asking yourself questions such as which gaming accessories do you need for Xbox? and what are the best games for PlayStation 4? 

    This category has all the answers to such questions. Here, you will also learn about the play gaming music, logos, projects, and more. 

    Facebook Account 

    Facebook has one of the largest gaming communities on the internet. 

    Therefore, if you’re interested in exploring Facebook gaming, we suggest you go through this section. 

    Here you will find everything from how to create your account to how to get paid and more. 


    If you want to start your own gaming channel, you need the right information to help you out. 

    In this section, we will give you ideas for your channel such as its:

    • Name
    • Logo
    • Description
    • Banners

    …and more to help you get started. 

    High-speed Internet Gaming 

    This category has all the information about high-speed internet gaming. 

    Here, you will find articles on top-speed online games, if online gaming affects internet speed, and internet speed gaming recommendations. 

    Metal Gear Solid 

    Metal Gear is a series of techno-thriller stealth games.

    However, is it worth your purchase? 

    This section of the website contains all the information about its gameplay, game list, alternatives, and so forth. 


    We tested out different PlayStation games, so you know which ones to try and avoid. 

    Here, you will find complete information about the console, its games, and where to download them.


    Finding the right type of Sony equipment for gaming can be confusing since there are so many. 

    In this section, you will find reviews and guides on Sony TVs, monitors, headsets, mobiles, and much more. 


    If you’re interested in the game offers in your area, this section is for you.

    Here, we reviewed game offers from Telenor, Jazz as well as other places such as the UK


    If you’re a fan of Capcom games, this category will have everything you need. 

    You will find information about Capcom events, gaming shows, and events here. We also reviewed games made by them, their gaming consoles, and more. 


    Microsoft has a major impact on the world of gaming. However, as a newbie, you might not know where to begin. 

    This section will teach you how to create a Microsoft gaming account, what games are available, what laptops to buy, and so on. 


    Nintendo has been around for a while, but is it still as good as we remember? 

    For answers to such questions and more, we suggest you go through this section. 

    It has information about everything from the Nintendo switch headset, its gaming consoles, games, etc. 

    A40 Gaming 

    If you want to learn about A40 Gaming and its headset, go through this section. 

    Here, you won’t only find information about its headset and controllers. But, we will also give you insight about its alternatives so you can choose the best one for yourself. 


    Have you ever wondered about the different gaming companies in your area? If yes, then we created this section for you. 

    In addition, we will also teach you how to create your own gaming company, how it works, how it makes money, and so on. 


    It’s a good idea to try game demos to save time and money. 

    In this section, we will brief you all about gaming demos, free versions, demos for laptops, where you can get them, etc. 


    Minecraft is a staple in the gaming industry. 

    But, if you’re having trouble figuring it out, we wrote this section for you. 

    It has all the information about how to play the game, levels, logos, music, and more


    This category has all the details about Mario, where you can download it, how to play it, and more. 

    We recommend you go through this section as it will help you make an informed decision when deciding to buy it.

    The Verge Gaming

    If you want to become a professional gamer, you’ll need the right equipment. You can read through this section and save yourself the time of testing each product on your own. 

    In this section, we will help you find the best Verge gaming headset, monitor, controller, PC, and more. 


    In this section, we highlighted all the information about Razer products. 

    You will find reviews and insight on Razer laptops, headsets, and keyboards for gaming. This is also where you will find things like Razer wallpaper, games for Razer Kishi, and such. 


    Gaming gear and popular games can sell out as soon as they’re realized. Therefore, it’s also a good idea to pre-order them. 

    This section will help you with everything you need to know to pre-order gaming consoles, chairs, laptops, and games. 

    Gaming Pokemon

    If you’re a gamer, you’re probably aware of the countless Pokemon games that you can find on the internet.

    In this section, we tested various Pokemon games and selected the best ones for you to play. 

    Other than that, you will also find information about pokemon cards, chairs, and where to access them.


    Are you new to gaming? If yes, then this section is perfect for you. 

    Here you will find everything you need to buy your first gaming console. 

    We will also teach you how to set it up as well as draw comparisons among different consoles to help you find the best one. 


    What is NVIDIA, and will it improve your gaming experience? 

    Our team at Techtyche has written this section to help you with everything related to NVIDIA. Here, you will find articles on NVIDIA gaming cloud, graphics cards, shields, consoles, and so on. 


    Finding the right kind of TV is crucial to gaming because you want the best possible performance. 

    This is where you’ll learn about the best TV and games. 

    We will also guide you on how to set up the TV for gaming and which games to play. 

    Google Gaming 

    To learn about Google Gaming, we suggest you go through this category. 

    You will learn how important Google Gaming is, how to access free games, how to log in, save progress, and more. 

    Other gaming tips are also in this section. 



    If you already didn’t know, the Xbox app helps you play and manage gaming content on your Windows device. 

    For more information, you can go through this section. Here we highlighted Xbox for windows 7, Windows 11, Android, Mac, and more. 


    Everything you need to know about different Xbox consoles is compiled here. You will find reviews on the Xbox one, series X, series S, 360, and more. 

    This will help you save time and trouble and help you find the best console suited for you. 


    Are you asking yourself questions such as what can you play on Xbox? Then, read this section. 

    This is a great section for beginners. Here you will find details about Xbox games, the play store, and how to play Xbox games on PC. 


    Xbox Cloud gaming lets you play multiple console games on devices you already have with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and a compatible controller.

    To learn more about Cloud gaming, Xbox Game Pass, and more, read this section of the website.


    Did you know you can connect your Xbox to your Mac?

    This section contains everything you need to know to do so. 

    You will also find guides on topics such as:

    • The Mac Xbox controller driver
    • Mac Xbox 360 driver
    • How to find your Xbox mac address


    Xbox controllers are important accessories that can improve your gaming experience. 

    After extensive testing, we have highlighted the best Xbox controllers. This section also contains information about the controller battery, prices, and setup


    If you want help setting up a professional gaming studio, read this section. 

    In this section, we will help you create your gaming studio, review products, and more. 


    If you have questions on how to stream with Xbox, this section is for you. 

    Here, we will answer all your stream-related queries. We will also guide you on which games to play on stream, how to build an audience and how to stream Xbox from your phone. 



    Are you confused about what laptop accessories to get? 

    This section was created by our experts to help you choose the best laptop and its accessories. 

    You will not only find the best recommendation but also where you can buy these accessories in your area. 


    Buying a laptop can be nerve-wracking since they’re so expensive. This category will teach you everything you need to know before you purchase a Razer laptop. 

    Our team conducted research on everything from Razer laptops, stands, where to find them, and much more



    Here you will find expert advice on all the latest technology. 

    We will not only review the products but also teach you how to use them to solve real-life problems. 

    Moreover, we also included a list of the best technology websites to further help you out with the technical stuff. 

    Guide – Tutorials 

    This section is for anyone who is not very high-tech. All the tutorials are simple and easy to follow. 

    Here, you will find guides on:

    • Technology Design 
    • Technology Education 
    • Technology News
    • Technology Management 


    virtual reality


    After comprehensive research, we created this section to help you learn about virtual reality and the world of immersive multimedia. 

    Here, you will find reviews on the best VR games, VR headsets, VR treadmills, comparisons, headphones, and more. 


    This is a perfect section for you if you’re new to VR. 

    You will learn about topics such as:

    • How does VR work?
    • How to use a VR headset?
    • When was VR invented? 
    • How to play Minecraft VR?
    • How to make VR goggles? 


    Virtual reality is a technology that is still very new to many people. 

    Therefore, if you’re trying to figure out what VR is, read this section. 

    Here, we discuss VR as a technology, its impact, what you need to use VR, and more. You will also find information about augmented reality in this section. 


    What does VR feel like? 

    If you’re curious about virtual reality and where to experience it, this section is for you. 

    In this section, we tested and reviewed different virtual reality experiences, such as games to help you choose the best one. 


    If you’re contemplating buying Oculus products, read this section. 

    Not only will we guide you about Oculus gadgets but we will also teach you how to use them. Moreover, we also reviewed the best apps and games to play with Oculus headsets. 


    Whether you choose a standalone headset or one that connects to your console will determine your VR experience. 

    So, how do you choose the best headset?

    In this section, we reviewed different headset brands such as Oculus, PSVR, HTC Vive, and more. 


    You can’t possibly try all VR games to find the best one for you. 

    So, to help you save time and energy, we wrote this section for you. 

    Here you will find reviews on different game titles and genres, including:

    • Action 
    • Adventure 
    • Casual 
    • RPG 
    • Simulation 
    • Strategy 
    • Sports 


    Can VR accessories enhance your immersion? 

    If so, which accessories should you invest in?

    We wrote this section after extensive testing of each gadget. You will find reviews on VR controllers, VR mats, gaming earphones, and more. 


    Virtual reality display offers an immersive virtual environment independent of your real surroundings.

    In this category, you will learn about what kind of display you should look for in a VR headset, what headset has the highest-resolution display, and so on. 


    Virtual reality does not come without its issues. It can cause dizziness, nausea, and headaches.

    Therefore, we suggest you read this section so you’re prepared beforehand. 


    What is Google VR and how do you enable it?

    In this section, you will find guides on:

    • What is Google Cardboard? 
    • How to use Google Cardboard?
    • What should I play on Google VR?

    …and much more.


    If you’re interested in learning about VR implementations outside of gaming, we suggest you read this section. 

    Here we cover topics such as how VR has impacted hospitals, VR for students, VR in the travel industry, and much more.


    If you’re interested in learning more about the VR environment, this section is for you. 

    Here, we will go over different types of VR environments, their experiences, and much more. You will also find tips on how to create a virtual environment in this section. 


    VR space is a virtual reality tour of the sun, stars, and planet system. 

    If you want to learn more about VR space, we wrote this section for you. 

    Here, you will find articles on:

    • Meaning of virtual space 
    • How to use virtual space 
    • Best VR space flight games
    • Best VR space exploration


    Victor Marquez

    Twitter | Facebook | Medium | Quora | About.me

    Victor is our editor-in-chief. He has been interested in technology since early childhood. He went to Northgate High School, where he majored in computer science. 

    In 2020, he was hired as an Assistant Game Tester and was promoted to the Senior Game Tester position a year later. 

    At Techtyche, he tests the performance and quality of gadgets such as VR boxes, headsets, etc. His in-depth knowledge and experience make him perfect for suggesting the best gadgets for you. 

    Check out the articles by Victor here.


    Syed Mustafa Ahmed

    YouTube | Reddit

    Syed Mustafa Ahmed is a Content Writer at Techtyche. He studies computer science and is an enthusiast about technology. Specifically, he likes to discuss the social implications of technology, and speculations mixed with his personal opinions.

    So anything hardware or software-related that he finds important, interesting, dystopian and/or funny, he is happy to write and talk about.

    He is also highly interested in video games, especially ones with good stories, well-written characters and worlds. Also, any new advancements in game engines or technique is fascinating to him.

    Even though games Linux don’t go well together yet since gaming is usually done with spyware made by Microsoft and the alphabet people. Still, he has hope and hope is what he wishes to write and update you about.

    Check out articles by Mustafa here.


    Shah Nawaz

    Shah Nawaz Khan

    Instagram | Twitch | About.me

    Shah Nawaz is a Content Writer at Techtyche. He has been interested in gaming and technology since his father first bought him a gaming console at the age of 5. It was an old bootleg version of an NES game system. It had its own custom body and its own name but it ran NES cartridges. 

    As you can probably tell, that little console changed everything for little old me. Over the course of my life, I haven’t always been super connected with the gaming world.

    Shah Nawaz has now devoted himself to experiencing, talking and developing video games.

    Check out articles by Shah Nawaz here


    Howard K. Teeter 300x300 1

    Howard K. Teeter

    Howard’s passionate journey started when he was a child. He was always drawn to different gadgets and instruments while other children played with toys. 

    He completed his Electronic Technology Training from Lincoln Tech. Later, he was hired as Senior Computer Technician at Lead Retail Associate. In 2019, he opened his own venture. 

    As of now, he repairs hundreds of gadgets at his electronic repair center. His specialty lies in computers, speakers, gaming devices, and mobile phones.

    He joined Techtyche as a content consultant. His knowledge and experience are an excellent help to us. He aims to help you with all hardware, material, quality, and durability of modern gadgets.