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    If you’re interested in enhancing your gaming experience, a good place to start is to look for suitable accessories. 

    They help deliver a more fast-paced and immersive experience. But, with so much variety on the market, it can be hard to know what to get. 

    What accessories are essential for beginners, and what do you need for a professional setup?

    Quick Summary 

    In this section, we review different gaming accessories to help you with the best gaming experience possible.

    So, without further ado, let’s get started.

    So, without further ado, let’s get on with the article.

    What Gaming Accessories Do You Need?

    Gaming Headset 

    If you’re planning on playing online multiplayer games, a gaming headset is a must. 

    They are not like typical headphones since they have a built-in microphone to clearly communicate with your teammates. 

    They also intensify the sound, so you’re aware of everything that’s happening in the game. 

    For maximum comfort and durability, we suggest you go with HyperX’s Cloud Revolver. It supports true stereo sound to help you detect enemies in all directions. 

    However, if you’re looking for zero latency, the Cloud Revolver is our top choice. It is a wired headset, so it might be limiting in some aspects. But, the zero lag and the crisp sound make it worth it. 

    Moreover, you can connect it to:

    We’ve also written a separate post about gaming headsets to help you out further. You can read all about it here. 

    Gaming Chair 

    Couches and regular chairs don’t have what it takes to keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions. In fact, an incorrect type of chair can lead to serious back pain when you game for longer periods. 

    Therefore, we suggest you invest in a gaming chair. 

    What sets a gaming chair apart from a regular chair? 

    Well, gaming chairs have firmer cushions that are designed to support your back. This way, your muscles ache and strain less when you’re gaming for hours on end. 

    Some models also come with built-in speakers. 

    We suggest you try Andaseat’s Jungle. It is designed to cradle your whole body with armrests and a headset pillow. 

    While testing out the chair, we noticed a huge difference from our office chairs. Not only is it good for your posture, but you can also tilt from 90 to 160 degrees if you need to stretch. 

    Stereo Speakers

    Headsets can sometimes damage your ears since they broadcast loud sounds so close to them. For this reason, we suggest you try Stereo speakers as an alternative. 

    They do not affect the immersion and produce excellent quality sound. We would also recommend you get a Bluetooth one to avoid any mess with the wires. 

    Edifier’s R1280DBs are good mid-sized speakers. You will be pleased to know that you can connect them to your PC by a wire or Bluetooth. 

    Moreover, they are designed with a two-driver system made up of a 4-inch bass driver and a .75-inch tweeter. So, you’ll get deep bass as well as sharp sound. 


    Audio and visuals go hand in hand in gaming. Therefore, if you’re investing in a good-quality headset, you also need a high-resolution screen. 

    You can either start with an HDTV or just get a 4K computer monitor. 

    For a professional setup, we suggest you try the 28-inch 4K monitor from BenQ. Since it was designed especially for gaming, it has two HDMI ports so you can connect your PC and console at the same time. 

    The EL2870U is also a good option. It supports high-dynamic range and AMD’s free sync to avoid screen tearing and glitches that might distract you while playing. 

    Another impressive feature we found was its one millisecond response time. This means there will be minimum lag during the game. 

    This makes a huge difference while gaming, however, it’s not necessary for other everyday tasks.  

    Apart from monitors, you can also invest in a gaming laptop. You can read all about what gaming laptop you need and its specs here. 

    Keyboard and Mouse 

    If you’re a PC gamer, you need a good quality keyboard and mouse to reach your full potential. 

    They ensure that all the clicks and taps are registered quicker so you can handle all the challenges unfolding on the screen.

    They’re also shaped ergonomically so your hands don’t get tired or ache during a long gaming session. 

    For a gaming mouse, we also suggest you get a mousepad for maximum comfort. 

    After testing out several keyboards, we can say the Razer’s Ornata Wired Keyboard is one of the best. 

    One thing we particularly liked was that it has a large cushioned wrist rest and keys with a mecha-membrane that makes them softer to press. This made it a lot easier on our hands while gaming. 

    Moreover, you can remove the wrist rest, if it’s uncomfortable for you or if it’s interfering with your game. 

    For a gaming mouse, we recommend Logitech’s G502. It uses 25600DPI (dots per inch) optical sensor to track every moment with precision. 

    Blue Light Reduction Glasses 

    One of the dangers of playing games or sitting at a computer for too long is over-exposure to blue light which can cause eye strain. Blue light also messes with your sleep schedule since it tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime. 

    So, if you’re someone who’s just getting into gaming, we suggest you get blue light reduction glasses to protect your eyes. 

    The unisex pair from Aomaste can filter 90% of the blue light so they’re a good option to try. While testing them out, we noticed a reduction in eye strain after being on the computer all day. 

    They’re also comfortable on the nose and made from non-toxic materials.

    Gaming Light 

    It’s hard to think how gaming lights can be a necessity, but they’re extremely important if you don’t have a backlit keyboard or mouse. 

    Moreover, they’re a great way to spruce up your gaming setup, especially if you’re steaming your games to an audience. 

    There are four types of popular game lights you can choose from such as:

    • LED lights 
    • Smart lights 
    • Aurora lights 
    • Galaxy projectors 
    gaming accessories


    Proper gaming accessories can transform your experience from good to transcendent. 

    However, what accessories you need depends on your particular setup. For starters, we suggest you start with a good quality headset and keyboard. 

    For a professional setup, you’ll need additional gadgets such as a 4K monitor, CPU coolers, speakers, and more. 

    If you’re a beginner, we also recommend you read our gaming reviews and guide to help you get started.

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