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    Virtual Reality – Accessories


    If you’ve finally decided to take a leap into the world of virtual reality, you need to consider some accessories along with your VR headset. 

    Although you can get away with just a VR headset because it already comes with everything you need, VR accessories play a huge role in enhancing your immersion. 

    Moreover, they also keep your VR headset in good shape. 

    Quick Summary 

    In this post, we will go over some must-have VR accessories for every VR user. 

    So, without further ado, let’s get started.

    Should I Get VR Accessories?

    Before we jump into the types of VR accessories, let’s discuss if you actually need them. 

    It’s completely understandable if you don’t want to spend money on VR accessories especially if you’ve already spent on VR headsets and controllers. 

    In that case, VR accessories are not an immediate need. However, we must tell you that these products are extremely affordable if not downright cheap. 

    Therefore, we suggest you definitely invest in VR accessories if you have the budget. They improve your overall experience by introducing all human senses. 

    Moreover, the thrill of VR games comes from their first-person perspective and the power to interact with the virtual environment. It’s different from normal video games where the perspective is usually from behind or above the character. 

    This unique perspective is achieved through VR accessories that translate your physical movements in real life to the virtual environment. 

    To read more about VR and its experience, we suggest you read our in-depth post here.

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    What Are Different Types of VR Accessories?

    VR Covers 

    The first thing you need to consider investing in is VR covers. This is because your skin can get irritated from sweat while using VR headsets for long gaming sessions. 

    VR covers are a great way to mitigate skin irritation while playing physically demanding games such as Population One or Beat Saber. 

    If you’re an Oculus user, we suggest you get the new silicone cover to easily remove the sweat and clean the headset after use. 

    VR Gloves 

    While testing out VR accessories, VR gloves impressed us the most. This is because they deliver realistic touch sensations to make the VR experience seem life-like. 

    However, most VR gloves on the market are targeted toward organizations for professional use. But, we found some that can be used by consumers. 

    CaptoGlove is a great company to try. You can use these VR gloves with Windows PC, iOS, and Android devices. 

    VR Lenses 

    VR lenses are a great way to prevent your headset display from getting minor scratches and fingerprints. It also filters out harmful light to reduce eye fatigue. 

    Furthermore, fitting VR lenses to your headset device is extremely easy. All you need to do is push the lenses over the display of your headset. 

    We also recommend you get the prescription lens to replace glasses if you wear them. 

    External Battery Pack 

    An external battery pack is essential for your VR headset. It helps extend and elevate your virtual experience without working about the battery running out in the middle of the game.

    You can fit it either behind the strap of the headset or place it inside your pocket while connected to the headset.


    These are only some of the VR accessories available on the market. 

    Other accessories include:

    • Table tennis paddle grip 
    • Headset strap pads 
    • VR gun stock 
    • Long USB C cord 
    • Headset stand

    ..and much more. 

    If you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start, we suggest you read our VR reviews and VR guide.  

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