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    Gaming controllers may be a second thought for most people, but let us tell you that we’re living in the golden age of gaming controllers. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take as much advantage as you can. 

    Today, the controllers are more versatile, durable, and customizable than ever before. With Xbox, there are a lot of controllers you can choose from. 

    However, what’s the difference between these controllers, and what is the best choice for you?

    Quick Summary 

    In this post, we will go over: 

    • How are Series X and S controllers different from the Xbox One controller?
    • Series X controller vs Series S controller

    …and more. 

    So, without further ado, let’s get started.

    How Are Series X and S Controllers Different from The Xbox One Controller?

    The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are the most recent consoles released by Microsoft. They have brought many changes with them, including a new controller. 

    So, how is it different from the previous Xbox One version?

    For the most part, it is still like the old controller but with better functionality. 

    The biggest difference is the addition of Dynamic Latency input in the Series X/S controller. It increases the communication between the console and the controller, so the frames onscreen match better with what you’re doing on the controller. 

    Apart from this, you’ll also notice that the Series X/S controller has a share button which was absent in Xbox One. 

    The charger has also changed. The new controllers use a USB-C charger similar to our phones and tablets. But, the controller also supports AAA batteries. 

    If we talk about the design, Microsoft has carried the same general look as the Xbox One controller. Still, we loved the overall design. 

    It is sleek and easier to fit in your hands. Moreover, with this design, your hands won’t strain even after long hours of use. 

    If you want to learn about how the consoles are different, you can read our post on Xbox consoles here

    Now, the question remains, can you still use the Xbox One controller with Series X/S?

    You will be pleased to know that not only can you use the Xbox One controller with the new consoles but it is also compatible with PC and Mac

    This is because of the controller’s backward compatibility. This is great if you already have an Xbox One or if you’re on the fence about getting new controllers for Xbox Series X/S.

    xbox controllers

    Series X Controller vs Series S Controller

    Now that you know the difference between Xbox One controllers and Series X/S controllers let’s see how they differ from each other. 

    While testing out the controllers, we found that they share a lot of similar features. However, what sets them apart is the price. 

    If you’re a casual gamer, we think you would benefit more from purchasing the Series S controller. However, if you want better visuals and gameplay, then we suggest you go with the Series X.

    Microsoft also allows you to customize the settings of the controllers through the Xbox app. This way you can game the way you want for better immersion. 


    In the end, which controller you choose depends on how often you game and how much you’re willing to invest. 

    However, with whatever controller you end up getting, you can be sure that the newest consoles and controllers are contributing to even more greatness of the Xbox series. 

    The Xbox One controller is just as capable as the newer ones. However, if you have the budget, upgrading it can also be a worthwhile decision. 

    Now that you know everything about the Xbox controllers, you can learn about the Xbox Cloud here

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