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    If you’ve recently upgraded your PC operating system to Windows 11, you might have noticed a new green icon in the start menu. 

    This is the Xbox app that allows you to perform many Xbox-related tasks such as purchasing games, recording your gameplay, and chatting with friends. 

    Quick Summary 

    In this post, we will go over: 

    • How to get the Xbox app? 
    • Can I use the Xbox app on mobile?
    • Xbox app library 

    So, without further ado, let’s get started.

    How To Get the Xbox App?

    If you have Windows 11, you won’t have to do much since it comes preinstalled with the system. 

    But, if you have something older, you’ll have to upgrade the OS to download it. 

    For a Windows 10 PC, everyone originally had at least some version of the Xbox app. But, now that the old app has been changed to the Xbox Console Companion, you’ll need to download the new one separately. 

    The good news is that it’s a breeze to install and uninstall. Moreover, it’s unobtrusive, so you won’t have a problem launching other apps like Steam. 

    Moreover, if you sign in to the app with the same credentials as your Xbox console, your old avatar and friends list will appear. 

    From there, you can also start a new account from scratch if you want. 

    As for the experience on PC, it’s almost the same as on Xbox consoles. 

    You can customize your Xbox avatar, link it with your social media, exchange messages with your friends, play games and record them to stream or upload them later. 

    But what if you have a Mac

    Unfortunately, the Xbox app is not compatible with macOS. However, what you can do is dual boot your computer with Windows 10/11 and Mac and run it in Windows on Mac.

    xbox app

    Can I Use The Xbox App on Mobile?

    The Xbox app library is great on PC. However, the mobile app expands your options even further. Right now, you can download it on Android and iOS in beta. 

    What we love about the app is that it combines all the social features in one place. This means you can send messages, voice notes, create clips, and party invites all from your phone. 

    We were also able to stream local games on our phones through remote play. You can do this through the Xbox cloud subscription which is also known as Xbox Game Pass. 

    Xbox App Library

    If you ask us, the best thing about the app is the library. This is because it lets you buy and download Xbox One games to your PC without an Xbox console. 

    However, keep in mind that the game selection for PC is not as extensive as the console or Steam library. 

    With that said, there are many third-party titles that balance the lack of exclusive titles on PC. You can play games such as Marvel vs, Capcom Infinite, Metal Slug X, Shenmue I, and II. 

    Moreover, the new Xbox app has a full standalone store and not just a Microsoft Store launcher which is a huge improvement from the last version of the app. This means you longer need to search through casual and mobile games to find games for PC. 


    With the Xbox app, Microsoft has finally given gamers a modern and gamer-centric platform on their personal computers. 

    You’ll be pleased to know that it brings all the Xbox Game Studios titles to PC so you won’t have to save money for a dedicated console. Moreover, it’s still evolving to give you the best gaming experience possible. 

    If you’re new to Xbox and its services, we suggest you read our post on Xbox for more information. 

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