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    If you’ve just bought a gaming laptop, investing in laptop accessories can help you get the most out of your machine. 

    This is because gaming laptops today are being designed to be slim and lightweight. While this is great for portability, it also leads to some limitations like fewer ports, poor speakers, and shallow keyboards. 

    Luckily, you can overcome almost all of these shortcomings with the right accessory. For this post, we tested, researched, and compared various laptop accessories to help you the best for gaming. 

    Quick Summary 

    In this post, we will go over: 

    • Gaming mouse 
    • Headset
    • Keyboard 
    • Cooling pad

    So, without further ado, let’s get started.

    What Laptop Accessories Do I Need?

    Gaming Mouse 

    Let’s be honest, the trackpad on your laptop is not meant for gaming. You cannot expect to play an intense game on it and expect to perform. At best, it’s only meant for limited work and basic tasks. 

    In shooter games, split-second kills are important, and you can only get them with a good gaming mouse. Therefore, it is an essential investment when it comes to gaming. 

    For gaming mice, you’ll find many options on the market. They differ from each other in design, DPI settings, and price. 

    If you want the pick of the litter, we suggest you try the Razer mouse. Otherwise, Logitech is also a good alternative.

    laptop accessories

    For a guide on Razer laptops, we have a more in-depth post that you can read here


    Even if you have decent speakers on your laptop, you need a gaming headset if you want to immerse yourself in fast-paced games. 

    They will help you use the sound to your advantage so you can listen to the enemies around you. 

    Besides good sound, they also come with built-in microphones. This is great for multiplayer games and streaming, so you can communicate with your friends effectively. 

    While buying a gaming headset, we suggest you look for something with 7.1 sound support and durable material.


    Most of the time, laptops already come with decent keyboards, so you may not need an external one. 

    However, if your keyboard does not have the key travel distance you want or if you prefer a full keyboard, you can invest in an external keyboard. 

    Cooling Pad 

    You might have noticed your laptop getting hot after long hours of use. This is why you need a cooling pad. 

    The more powerful your laptop is, the hotter it is going to get. 

    Moreover, they don’t have proper air or cooling systems like desktops since their internals is so close together. 

    How do cooling pads help?

    Well, they have fans on the surface that match the base of your laptop. This way they keep the ventilation in check. You can also use them as a stand if you like your laptop screen at a higher angle.


    Laptops are definitely complete machines that you can use for work or entertainment. However, by getting a couple of accessories, you can take your laptop performance to the next level. 

    Besides the accessories we mentioned, you can also invest in:

    • A laptop bag
    • External hard drive
    • Mouse pad
    • Laptop cleaner 
    • Portable USB hub
    • Stand 

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. 

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