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    Virtual Reality – Environment

    vr environment

    Virtual reality is moving towards a new era of interacting with the world. 

    An important aspect of VR is the environment in which it takes place. They need to be carefully designed to achieve convincing experiences for the user. The smallest element out of place can ruin the whole immersion.

    So, what are different virtual reality environments and how do they affect your experience? 

    Quick Summary 

    In this post, we will go over three of the most influential virtual reality environments. 

    So, without further ado, let’s get started.

    What Are Different Virtual Reality Environments?

    Non-Immersive VR Environment 

    This kind of virtual environment is generated through a computer or PC. The reason why it’s called non-immersive is that you can control some activities within the software, but the environment does not interact with you directly. 

    A good example of non-immersive environments is games like World of WarCraft. In such games, you can manipulate objects within the game that have their own animations and attributes. 

    So, how is this virtual reality? 

    Well, technically, you are dealing with a virtual world but you’re not the main attention in the game. All the features are designed to interact with the characters within. 

    So, we can say that all basic gaming consoles, computers, and laptops provide you with a non-immersive VR experience. 

    Fully-Immersive VR Environment 

    Opposite to non-immersive VR, a fully-immersive VR environment will provide you with a realistic experience of the virtual world.

    This is a true virtual reality experience where you’re tricked into thinking that you’re present in that world and everything happening is real. 

    If you’ve never experienced VR before, we suggest you read our post here so you know what to expect with VR. 

    Moreover, this is also a more expensive form of VR. To create a full-immersive VR environment you need a VR headset, gloves, body connectors, sensors, and other accessories

    You also need a powerful computer to track your movements so they can be detected and projected into the virtual environment. 

    Where can you experience such environments? 

    Since these are costly, you can not produce a fully-immersive environment in your home. 

    One example is the virtual shooter gaming zone. In places like these, you are equipped with a VR headset and other gear. From there every movement is recorded and translated to the virtual world. You can jump, run, and throw.

    Full-immersive environments are also generated for virtual medical training where neurosurgeons practice their surgeries to avoid mistakes. 

    Semi-Immersive VR Environment

    A semi-immersive environment is a blend of fully-immersive and non-immersive VR. 

    This can be in many different forms such as a 3D space or a virtual environment where you can move around through a computer or a VR display

    So every activity within the environment is directed toward you. 

    However, it’s important to note that, unlike fully immersive VR, you will have no real physical movements besides your visual experience. 

    If you want to try VR, a semi-immersive environment is the most cost-effective and accessible out of all types of VR. 

    Moreover, many businesses today are embracing semi-immersive VR environments in the form of virtual tours.

    If you’re interested in reading about the applications of VR, you can read our post on virtual reality here. 

    VR Environment


    When it comes to VR, the level of immersion will depend on the type of environment.

    For example, semi-immersive environments do not aim for complete immersion, which is also why they operate at less cost than fully-immersive. 

    Fortunately, with time the quality of these environments is getting better. So, even if you opt for a low-cost option, the experience will be just as stunning.  

    You can read about virtual reality technology and how it works here

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