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    VR Oculus

    Virtual reality is no longer an entertainment tool. There are 58.9 million users in the US that use virtual reality for gaming, education, business, and other work-related simulation. 

    The Oculus Quest, also known as Meta Quest, is one of the best VR headsets out there. It provides stunning experiences at an affordable price. 

    In this post, we will analyze Oculus headsets and determine whether they’re the right fit for you. 

    Quick Summary 

    We will go over:

    • What are different Oculus headsets?
    • What games should I play on Oculus? 

    So, without further ado, let’s get started.

    What are Different Oculus Headsets?

    Oculus VR has come out with many headsets over the years. However, we will discuss the two best ones that it has put out. 

    Oculus Quest 

    Oculus Quest is one of the most popular headsets by the company. 

    If you’re a beginner, this is the ideal headset that you should start with. It has four built-in cameras as well as headphones for spatial sound. 

    One thing we love about Oculus is that you don’t need a PC to configure its devices. You can easily use your phone to stream the game. 

    Moreover, it works without wired connections. This means you’ll have all the freedom you need to experience VR fully. 

    You can also enhance the experience through different accessories that are sold separately for Oculus Quest, such as sensors and controllers. 

    If you’ve never experienced VR before, we suggest you read our post here for more information. We also have a guide on virtual reality that you can find here. 

    Oculus Quest 2

    If you want something more advanced, we suggest you try out Oculus Quest 2. It is an all-in-one virtual reality headset that was released after one year of the launch of the first generation Oculus Quest. 

    So, how is Oculus Quest 2 different from Oculus Quest? 

    For the most part, you’ll find that the functions and capabilities of the headset haven’t changed much. However, while testing out the headset we noticed that the specs have improved significantly. 

    This version of Oculus Quest is much lighter than the original. This means you can use it for longer periods without much discomfort. Oculus also increased the RAM and replaced the chip with a more powerful one. 

    If you’re curious about what technology virtual reality uses, we have a complete post that you can find here. 

    VR oculus

    What Games Should I Play On Oculus?

    Similar to any other gaming console, picking out games on Oculus will heavily rely on what games you personally enjoy. 

    However, it’s important to note that with virtual reality involved, your game experience will change drastically. For example, horror game fans might not enjoy jump scares when they’re happening right in front of their eyes. 

    With that said, there are countless games that can take advantage of your VR setup. 

    If you enjoy shooter games, we suggest you try something the likes of Population: One. It puts a unique twist on battle royale, where you can fight your opponents from different surfaces. If you like fighting games, you’ll also enjoy the mechanics of SuperHot VR. 

    Besides these games, Oculus also lets you try recreational activities from the comfort of your hoke. You can try games like Topgolf, Real VR Fishing, and Eleven Table Tennis. 

    We also have a separate post on VR games that you can find here. 


    Now that you know all the basic information about Oculus, you can go ahead and start your journey into VR. 

    But, the question remains, which Oculus headset should you choose?

    During our research, Oculus Quest left us with a very positive impression. Compared to the original, it has 50% more pixels, 6GB RAM, and the best display we’ve ever come across. 

    The best part is that you get all of this at a lower price than the original. 

    If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. 

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