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    What gaming laptop should you invest in?

    This is a big choice since it will determine what you can do with your new laptop and your gaming experience. 

    There are also questions such as which brand is the best. Should you go with AMD or Intel CPUs? What GPU do you need? 

    Quick Summary 

    In this post, we will go over:

    • What GPU do you need?
    • What CPU should you go for?
    • How much RAM should you get?
    • What to look for in a display?

    So, without further, let’s get started.

    What GPU Do You Need?

    Since most games available today are GPU-bound, this is one of the most crucial decisions to make. 

    You will find the majority of laptops with NVIDIA GeForce GTX or RXT GPUs

    We suggest you get the latest NVIDIA series. Anything from the RTX 3050 to the RTX 3080 Ti will work fine.

    If you’re unfamiliar with NVIDIA, you can read all about it in our post here. 

    If you want to go with AMD, RX 6300M is a good budget-friendly option. However, for premium cards, you can go with the RX 6700M and 6800M.

    If you just started gaming and you don’t need to play on the highest settings, GTX 3050 or RX 5500M. They will let you play most games on average settings. 

    However, we suggest you save up and buy a GTX 3060. You’ll notice a huge difference with it, therefore, we think it’s worth the investment. 

    What CPU Should You Go For?

    This decision depends on your budget. 

    For a more powerful one, we suggest a Core i7 CPU such as Intel Core i9-12900 HK.

    But, if you ask us, you will benefit more from a good GPU than a CPU. 

    Therefore, you can easily get by with a Core i5 processor. We also recommend you get the most current Intel 12th Gen Core because CPUs aren’t upgradable. 

    We say this because you’ll only be making this decision once, so it’s better to get a recent one even if it means saving up a bit.

    However, if you don’t have the budget to afford a good gaming laptop, you can always go with something more affordable like a gaming mobile or a small gaming TV. 

    How Much RAM Should You Get?

    With RAM, we suggest you get as much as you can. This is because gaming is RAM intensive. 

    You should look for a laptop with 16GB RAM. In case you can’t get one with 16GB, you can purchase one with 8GB and upgrade it later. 

    It’s also good to go with gaming laptops that have both a hard drive and SSD.

    But, like memory, storage is also upgradeable in gaming laptops so this should be a problem. You can always toss in a larger hard drive if you’re running out of space. 

    Moreover, if you’re confused about what apps you need on your laptop, you can check out our post on gaming apps here

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    What Should You Look For in a Display?

    When it comes to size, it’s a personal preference. 

    But, for resolution, never get anything less than a 1920 x 1080 display. 

    You can also get a laptop with a 4K screen. In this case, you’ll have to turn down some settings, especially if you turn on ray tracing. 

    However, if this is out of budget, a gaming laptop with 1440p is also an excellent choice. 


    The bottom line is that you should get a gaming laptop that will last your years. 

    If you can afford it, we suggest you go with a high-end GPU. This is a more important decision than a CPU, so make it wisely. 

    RAM and storage are ungradable, so you can always go back and add to them if you’re unsatisfied. 

    As a gaming novice, we all suggest you read our gaming guide and reviews to help you get started. 

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