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    Picking a JAM replay speaker is a tough choice, especially when it comes to sound, size, rating and price. Infact, choosing one from so many options is absolutely nerve wracking.

    With luck, we have looked for and trialed plenty of Jam Replay Speakers and found some of the best for you.

    In today’s post, our team will review the three best Jam replay bluetooth speakers that will make your decision easy and simple.

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    Top Pick

    This product excels because it offers good music, a satisfactory rating on amazon and sufficient features.

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    Runner Up

    This object is the runner up because it offers really good music and beneficial features but its short battery life might be the reason you drop it.

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    Also Great

    This object comes under the category of also great because it is compact and handy but its minimum bass and weak sound might be the reason for you not choosing it.

    Jam Replay Speaker Reviews - Top 3 Reviews

    #1: Best Indoor Jam Replay Wireless Speaker - Jam classic 2.0 Review

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    The Jam replay classic 2.0 is a portable bluetooth speaker that has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It has a usb cable included within the package that can be used to connect to non bluetooth devices. This usb cable can be used as a charging cable for mobile phones.

    Its portable feature makes it very convenient and handy. It has a speakerphone which is a plus. The best thing is that it is lightweight, which turns this Jam replay classic 2.0 into a treat to carry.

    Our team tested this in every possible way and found it a good option for you. It is compact, small in size, sound quality is clear, is really easy to set up, very convenient and last but not the least, connects via bluetooth.

    It still has its drawbacks like every other product on amazon. It may not work very well on a high volume, but that’s somehow natural for something this small. Secondly, It has a minimum bass. But, we think that its pros are good enough to overcome the cons.

    Features of Jam classic 2.0

      • Portable
      • Rechargeable-charge for 2 hours for a playback of upto 11 hours
      • Speakerphone
      • Can be paired-up with bluetooth enabled devices
      • Weighs just 0.22 lbs.
      • USB cable included for connecting to non-bluetooth devices.

    Best Indoor Jam Replay Wireless Speaker

    The best Indoor Jam Replay Wireless Speaker is Jam replay classic 2.0  because its quality of sound is good and clear.

    #2: Best Outdoors Jam Replay Bluetooth Speaker - JAM Classic Speaker Review

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    The JAM Classic speaker is one of the best outdoors jam replay speakers. It is compact and handy, which makes this portable and a highly recommended product. It is a bluetooth wireless speaker and can be connected easily with bluetooth enabled devices.

    It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that works for upto 4 hours at maximum volume at a full charge. If you are getting it charged, don’t worry. You can still enjoy your music. It works well while getting charged. The music it gives off is really good and clear. The package includes a usb charge cord. It’s quite short so it would be better if you buy a longer one.

    We found this speaker really good, with maximum ratings and good customer reviews. It is really easy to set up, but it’s always a good idea to refer to the instruction manual. This small size speaker comes in various impressive colours, so you have the liberty to choose any.

    It’s portable, gives off good music and the sound is really good. You can consider this for a trip outdoors because it’s suitable for outdoor purposes. This bluetooth wireless speaker connects with your phone or any other device. If any of your devices is non-bluetooth, then there’s nothing to worry about. It works with non-bluetooth devices as well as it does with bluetooth devices.

    It has a very light weight, just 0.65 pounds, which makes this a highly portable and easy to carry speaker. It’s really good for its price and puts a good show. A highly recommended one definitely.

    This is undoubtedly a very good speaker, but its battery might be the reason you drop it. Its battery is not completely dependable, so you should consider this thing already.

    Features of JAM Classic speaker

      • Portable
      • Rechargeable battery
      • Can be paired-up with any compatible bluetooth device
      • Made to fulfill outdoor purposes
      • Weight: 0.60 lbs
      • Usb charging cable included

    Best Outdoors Jam Replay Bluetooth Speaker

    The best outdoors jam replay wireless speaker is JAM classic because it is easy to set up and works wirelessly.

    #3: Best Hang-up JAM Replay Portable Speaker - JAM Shower Bluetooth Speaker Review

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    The JAM shower bluetooth speaker has more than you think! It is dust and waterproof, allowing you to enjoy your music while taking a shower. Its hang up ability allows it to keep the music going through anything.

    It has an integrated USB charging cable that doesn’t get lost, which is a plus. It works at a maximum volume for upto 8 hours of playback on a full charge. Keep your party going till midnight and have no worries! The sound is great too and we hope that you’ll have lots of fun using this device.

    This portable bluetooth speaker consists of a speakerphone which enables you to answer the phone without disconnecting, though, the music will stop playing. A stick pad is attached to its back that allows it to stay hung on a wall or wherever you wish to hang it.

    It has a very good sound quality and you might like this product a lot. Our team had a good shopping experience on amazon due to this product because of the things it offers. It stands out among other speakers as it has a good rating and beneficial reviews on amazon

    Features of JAM Shower bluetooth speaker

        • Up to 8 hours battery playtime
        • Dust and waterproof
        • Speakerphone
        • Usb charging cable included.
        • Stick pad
        • For all compatible bluetooth devices.

    Best Hang-up JAM Replay Portable Speaker

    The best hang-up JAM Replay Portable Speaker is JAM Shower Bluetooth speaker because it has an adhesive stick-pad that easily hangs up the product.

    jam replay speakers

    Buyers’ Guide

    What are the key factors of a good JAM replay speaker?

    Bluetooth range

    The range of bluetooth speakers is an important factor as this tells the user how far they can go with their speakers without a phone or any other device.


    The battery plays a very important role. A long lasting battery will ultimately result in a long lasting speaker, but that also depends on other factors and how you take care of it. Anyways, a rechargeable battery is always the best one, and you’ll find most speakers with such batteries.

    Sound clarity/Audio quality

    This is by far the most important feature. All we need from a speaker is good sound, and if that won’t be present, what would be the speaker’s use? A clear sound speaker is always good. The criterias for a perfect sound are clarity, loudness, and depth. That depends on the bass too.

    Water resistant

    This is a good feature. It helps in saving your speaker from water and securing a long life. It’s not present in all the speakers, but some outdoors and shower speakers do have it. If a speaker is dust proof, that’s a plus. Dust damages such devices real quick. But it’s not necessary, so if you don’t have one that’s dust proof, it’s alright. Don’t worry.


    A speakerphone is nowadays easily found in most speakers. This feature involves having a built-in microphone that makes it easier to attend calls. Some speakers have the ability to mute the music if a call comes.

    Long life

    This depends on how you keep it. A speaker that has a long life is definitely a good one because it saves you from spending your money oftenly.

    How to find the best JAM speaker?

    The features mentioned above sum up into the best JAM speaker. If your speaker has them all, then it is the best JAM speaker you could find on amazon. A wide wireless bluetooth connection range, rechargeable long lasting battery, Sound and audio quality, water resistant or dust resistant nature, and a long life are the factors which result in a perfect speaker, not just a JAM replay one.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How to reset a JAM speaker?

    To reset your  speaker, press and hold the play/pause button for about 5 seconds until you hear a sound or spot a red light.

    How to connect the JAM speaker?

    Pair your device with the speaker by selecting HMDX Jam from your bluetooth listings.  

    How to change the JAM replay speaker’s battery?

    You just have to remove the seal and open the speaker to change the battery. It’s actually pretty easy.

    How to connect the JAM replay speaker to an Iphone?

    It isn’t any different from pairing to other devices. You simply have to pair your iphone by selecting HMDX Jam from your bluetooth listings.

    Why is my JAM speaker not connecting?

    If you’re having problems connecting your speaker, try resetting it. You may even need to reset your WPS connection on your wireless router. 

    How to fix the bluetooth pairing problem?

    Just reset it. If that doesn’t work, try pairing with another device and check.

    Final Thoughts

    Our final verdict is that the JAM Classic Speaker is the most compact, loud and even tested for outdoor purposes speaker. Not only our team likes it but websites and customer reviews on amazon say alot about this product as well. It has better potential and a good rating standard than any of the other jam replay speakers on amazon. Its battery is a rechargeable one but might not last long. The package comes with a usb charge cord. It is lightweight and is fit for your use.