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    You will agree with us when we say that beFree produces one of the best speakers in the market. Products made my beFree are most likely high quality in their build and sound quality alike.

    Due to that reason we have decided to review some beFree speakers to help you get a better product.

    In this review we will explore some options from beFree, their strengths and weaknesses along with some tips and frequently asked questions.

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    Befree Sound BFS-T110W

    Designed to be very eye pleasing, the BFS series is exceptionally durable and amazing in its sound quality. It is good for home entertainment systems and outdoor settings.

    Alternate #1 : beFree Sound BFS-99X

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    Built to deliver the performance on a budget, this speaker set provides the best sound quality. Its small design makes it a good fit for a home entertainment system.

    Alternate #2 : beFree Sound BFS-5800

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    Built to deliver the performance in an outdoor setting, these speakers outshine everything in an open environment. Power speakers backed up with a long lasting battery.

    Quick Summary of the Main Product

    BeFree sound is considered one of the best brands in the market. The flashy yet sleek designs are unmatched when it comes to adding something to a home entertainment system. Speakers made to cater every kind of entertainment need makes beFree a very good brand to choose from.

    Compared to other brands, the beFree speakers not only provide you the best sound quality but also give you the ability to decorate and elevate the overall look of your entertainment hub with their designs.

    Outfitted with the premium speakers and a lot of added features, beFree speakers allow the users for a lot of input options. They can be connected to different devices such as a TV, a smartphone, a laptop and such.

    Features and Benefits

    • Design:

    BeFree speakers are designed in accordance to fit with home entertainment systems. The tower designs make them very easy to place and move around your TV without much hassle.

    Tower designs are usually a good match for home entertainment hubs. The beFree speakers are specifically made to elevate the overall outlook of your hub.

    • Sound Quality:

    The beFree speakers are fitted with the best speakers in the market to provide the user with a crisp and clear sound. The speaker placement allows the speaker to produce very ambient and organic sound textures.

    Having a better sounding speaker helps a lot in the betterment of an entertainment hub. The clarity in sound allows the user to get the most out of their session.

    • Input Options:

    BeFree speakers are installed with a lot of connectivity options. Some of them are USB, AUX and Bluetooth. The variety of options allows you to connect your devices as you see fit.

    Having different input options can come in handy if one of them fails or just doesn’t seem to work. 

    • Connectivity:

    BeFree speakers are fitted with the latest bluetooth technology to help the users with extended connection range. This helps the user to connect their devices from the comfort of their lounge and play their sort of entertainment on it.

    Long range bluetooth allows you to place the speakers where you see fit and still get a good connection. 

    Pros and Cons

    Social Proof

    Our experience with the BFS-T110W was very satisfactory. In order to get a better opinion regarding this seller, we delved deeper into the online reviews. A lot of people gave this product a rating of a solid 5 star. While the majority of the people were happy with the product they got only a handful of people were critical about the products.

    Many of the customers were long time users and updated their review with their experiences. A lot of them stated that this product proved durable and maintained its sound quality.

    A lot of customers praised the products for their added input options which as they stated were convenient and helpful in many circumstances. The ability to attach different devices made a lot of people happy.

    More Recommendations!

    #1: Best Compact Alternative to BFS-T110W - beFree Sound BFS 22 Review

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    Designed to be one of the top shelf products, the BFS-99X set is compact but packs a lot of power. The high quality stereo speakers provide crystal clear sounds.

    The small and compact design makes it very easy to carry around.

    This speaker set has exceptionally good bluetooth connection, allowing you to easily maintain connection over long distance.

    Features of BFS-99X:

    1. Sleek and stylish design
    2. Extremely portable
    3. Top tier speakers
    4. Remote controlled
    5. Multiple input options

    Best Compact Alternative Speaker

    The Compact alternative is the BFS-99X speaker. It is designed to be extremely easy to carry around. The option to connect from multiple input sources allows you to connect your desired device. The speakers provide you with ambient and organic sound output.

    #2: Best Outdoor Alternative to BFS-T110W - beFree Sound BFS-5800 Review

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    The BFS-5800 is designed to match a commercial speaker. Made specifically for outdoor settings, this compact yet powerful speaker has high quality sound.

    Equipped with two back wheels to provide you with convenient movement.

    With the latest bluetooth technology installed, this speaker has a good connection range with upto 22-feet.

    Features of BFS-5800:

    1. Compact and portable
    2. Karaoke functions
    3. Good battery time
    4. High quality sound
    5. Multiple connection choices

    Best Outdoor Alternative Speaker

    The Outdoor alternative is the BFS-5800 speaker. It is designed to be loud yet clear on loud volumes. The karaoke functions really broaden the usage of this speaker. With multiple input options, this speaker has everything your outdoor party needs.

    Befree Sound Review

    Guide to Buy

    • Sound Quality:

    Often speakers produced by top tier brands are identical at performing at low and high volume levels. The best thing to look for in a speaker is its sound quality. Better sound quality ensures that speakers are installed with top tier things.

    This also results in longer and durable speaker life. Better sound quality means better speakers which then contributes to over lifespan of the speakers.

    Input Options:

    A lot of big brands equip their products with almost every input available and necessary for speakers like this. These include USB ports, AUX ports and a SD Memory Card slot.

    Looking out for the options you need can help you from buying further accessories to connect your device once you get it.


    Price is a big factor when searching and buying a home station speaker like this. A moderately priced speaker will always have some kind of a drawback or will lack a key feature you might need in the future. 

    It is recommended to get a fairly priced speaker that has all the features you need so you can get most out of your purchase.

    Wrapping Things Up

    Bringing this article to an end, we must admit that beFree are a top tier speaker seller that only produce high quality products. Sleek designs, durable and longer lasting speakers installed with all the key features needed. A beFree speaker has all the options to satisfy your needs.